Secure Zip Notes

You do not trust bloated password managers with undocumented file formats? You want to retain 100% control over your data? Then Secure Zip Notes is a solution.

- View and edit encrypted text files on any platform, using password-protected Zip files.

- Optional sync with Dropbox (they cannot decrypt your data).

- Simple import/export of Zip files.

- Uses hardware-protected storage to avoid retyping the master password every time.

- Open Source: Fetch this app from GitHub if you do not trust us.


Our top priority is not only security and privacy, but also long-term stability. We take the responsibility to retain your data seriously. Secure Zip Notes guarantees that you can easily decrypt your data in 50 years even if DiTronic Apps ceases to exist.

Technical details

- Supported independent programs: 7-Zip, WinZip, The Unarchiver (macOS), Gnome Archive Manager

- Encryption: AES-256 Counter Mode + HMAC-SHA1

- Key derivation: PBKDF2

Not all PC operating systems support Zip files with AES encryption by default. Therefore, you might need to install a PC software like 7-Zip.